Thanks to La Nouvelle République des Pyrénées for its encouragement...

l" Thank you to La nouvelle république des pyrénées( for its article. It is a great pride for those who accompany me and for myself that Novadditive has been nominated for the SEPTUORS 2021, Trophies for Innovation and Economy of the Hautes-Pyrénées. We see this as recognition of our efforts to promote innovation and industry in our region and in France through custom 3D printing of ceramics. Would you like to support us? Soon a link will allow you to attend the eventlive on Thursday 30 September!"




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After the days organized in Tarbes in 2021 and on the occasion of the international festival of 3D printing, the French Ceramics Group, 3DCERAM, NANOE and NOVADDITIVE are pleased to propose the second meeting dedicated to
to the 3D printing of ceramics