Manufacture of ceramics
in 3D printing

Novadditive offers you to produce according to your plans, ceramic parts in additive manufacturing, from prototypes to small and medium series.

"We print ceramics"


Unique French know-how

Based on 30 years of expertise in the ceramic industry


Wide range of ceramics

Alumina, zirconia, ATZ, Si3N4, AlN, HAP, TCP, silica, cordierite, silicate ceramics


Additive ceramic manufacturing technologies

Selected leaders

Novadditive takes care of the realization of your 3D printed ceramics.

you can now
- Create complex geometries inaccessible to other technologies
- Carry out rapid iterations to develop new concepts
- Increase your speed of innovation
- Produce to measure even in limited editions

Novadditive allows you to explore new horizons for your applications (shapes and functionalities)

Ceramics give you these properties, alone or in combination

- Refractoriness
- Electrical insulation
- Ion conduction
- Thermal conduction
- Thermal insulation
- Hardness
- Toughness
- Mechanical strength
- Biocompatibility
- Chemical inertness
- Aesthetics
- Low specific weight
- Low coefficient of thermal expansion
- ...

Ceramic 3D printing news

Vincent Poirier's intervention at the 3DCAMP day

A look back at the 3D CAMP day

On October 28, CEA Tech in Occitania and CIRIMAT organised a technological afternoon to present 3D Camp, the platform of 3D printing means centred on the technology of binder jet on powder bed.

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Are you planning a project
in printing
3D ceramics?

Let's see what we can do for you.

Novadditive specializes in the 3D printing of ceramic parts and accompanies you in your projects from the feasibility to the realization of your parts in additive manufacturing.

Based on the 3D plans of your part and the properties you want it to have, we determine the appropriate technology and finalize with you the choice of the type of ceramic. Then we manufacture.