Let's act for reindustrialisation, with ceramic 3D printing

One of Vincent Poirier's motivations for creating Novadditive, the first 3D printing ceramics manufacturing centre in Tarbes...

"In 30 years of expertise and practice, I have seen the progressive decline of the ceramic industry in France. In my head, one question kept coming back: What more can I do, on my own scale, to contribute to the re-industrialisation movement?
My missions, when I settled in Tarbes, were to relaunch a flagship of the French ceramics industry and to help others to get better. When I became interested in 3D printing about ten years ago, I said to myself: if it is possible to produce plastic or metal parts in additive manufacturing in France, why not ceramics? I saw a definite potential, a hope for development, obvious solutions: to manufacture prototypes and small or even large series made to measure, to shorten the development time of new products in order to support new technological challenges, which require a lot of ceramics!
How better to envisage the re-industrialisation of the world of ceramics, if not through a "Factory of the Future" technology? As I have always been keen to make a contribution to this edifice, I launched myself into the innovative and eco-responsible adventure of producing ceramics using 3D printing. And I created Novadditive.
What motivates me: to help by proposing increasingly innovative, qualitative and even aesthetic high-tech solutions, combining advanced techniques, the quest for beauty and respect for our humanity. Personally, I think that the great challenge for tomorrow is to live well on Earth and in good health for as long as possible. This is concretely translated by the great movements towards sustainable development, the energy transition, medical progress and the great technological challenges.



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After the days organized in Tarbes in 2021 and on the occasion of the international festival of 3D printing, the French Ceramics Group, 3DCERAM, NANOE and NOVADDITIVE are pleased to propose the second meeting dedicated to
to the 3D printing of ceramics