Vincent Poirier's intervention at the 3DCAMP day

A look back at the 3D CAMP day

On October 28, CEA Tech in Occitania and the CIRIMAT organized a technological afternoon to present 3D Camp, the platform of 3D printing means centered on the binder jet technology on powder bed. This was an opportunity for Novadditive to highlight the interest of this 3D printing technology. Applied to ceramics, it ideally complements the other families of technologies. In particular, binder jet technology is very well suited to applications requiring part porosity.


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After the days organized in Tarbes in 2021 and on the occasion of the international festival of 3D printing, the French Ceramics Group, 3DCERAM, NANOE and NOVADDITIVE are pleased to propose the second meeting dedicated to
to the 3D printing of ceramics